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Information security partner for organizations that utilize cloud services

Cloud security management and expert services

The safe utilization of cloud environments requires time and resources from the organization. We will arrange a team of experts to support you in identifying and managing risks related to cloud environments and securing them.

Securing cloud environments

Securing cloud environments may be challenging, but it creates value for every organization that utilizes cloud services. Problems may arise due to incorrectly or carelessly configured environments, the insufficient use of automation features, or lack of competence with cloud security. Insta’s cloud security expert services can help you improve your visibility into your organization’s level of cloud security. We can also help you to better utilize the cloud service provider’s security features enabled by your license tier.

Insta’s team of experts will ensure that your cloud environment’s settings, controls, and policies meet the requirements that are agreed upon together with the customer organization. To support you, we can offer you expertise in cloud-specific frameworks and standards, including ISO 27001/2, NIST Cloud SAF, CSA Cloud Control Matrix, and CIS. We can prepare the necessary strategies, documents, and guidelines and train customers to better respond to cyber risks involved in cloud services. Furthermore, we can provide project manager services for information security in your cloud migration project. This way, we can ensure that the cloud environment meets the applicable security requirements right from the introduction of the cloud services.

We have expertise in various standards and reference frameworks, which helps ensure that your environment meets the legal and industry-specific requirements applicable to using cloud services in business operations.

Cloud security

We offer the following services

  • Administrative and technical inspections of cloud service environments

  • Preparing an information security strategy and policies for cloud services

  • Reference framework analysis and gap assessment

  • Cloud risk assessment

  • Information security maturity assessment for cloud environments

  • Continuity and recovery planning for systems operating in a cloud environment

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