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Cloud cybersecurity architecture service

Safely migrating data and applications to cloud environments helps prevent security breaches. During the migration project, our experts at Insta assist in ensuring that the transition is carried out as securely as possible, taking into account your organization's specific requirements for data handling, transfer, and storage.

A secure cloud environment

Building a secure cloud environment retroactively requires more time, resources, and money compared to designing it from the outset to meet the organization's requirements.

This helps reduce potential vulnerabilities and risks in the environment that threat actors could exploit during or after the migration. Investing in security features during the migration project helps save costs in the long run, as our experts ensure that the cloud service environment has the security features required for your operations and is compliant with your requirements for scalability and continuity management.

Additionally, our cloud cybersecurity architecture service helps companies meet legislative and industry-specific requirements, reducing the risk of facing legislative sanctions or penalties in the event of potential security breaches. A cloud service environment designed securely from the start helps a company gain trust among stakeholders and partners by demonstrating a commitment to protecting data in the cloud.

We offer services such as:

  • Security Lead for Cloud Migration Projects

  • Designing a Secure Cloud Architecture

  • Implementing controls compliant with legislative and industry-specific requirements into the cloud environment

  • Producing architecture and requirement documentation"

Insta`s SOC cybersecurity
cybersecurity expertS

A successful migration project

We provide you with a dedicated cybersecurity expert for your migration project, who, as part of the migration team, maps out the security objectives of the cloud environments and acts as a deep domain expert in their area. This ensures that every aspect of security is addressed in the migration project

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