A guide for your information security journey


High-quality CISO-as-a -service provided by a team of experts. You can tap into the expertise of the entire team, with a dedicated chief information security officer responsible for the operations. We have been providing our customers with information security manager services for several years. Therefore, we know the practices that yield the best results.

Insta’s team of professional information security experts delivers high-quality end-to-end service for the comprehensive management of information security at the customer organization. For the purpose of ensuring the high quality of the service, the work is carried out by a team in which the consultant with the primary responsibility works in the role of an information security manager, while the other team members support the manager as experts of different areas. It is possible to change the composition of the team according to the customer’s needs by including specialists in areas such as administrative and technical security or privacy. 

Customer benefits

Information security in everyday work 

The expert team handles the day-to-day security matters as well as planning and implementing various measures for improving the customer’s information security.  


We are able to prepare the necessary strategies, policies, and other documents and ensure that they help the customer meet the applicable requirements.  

Reported assessments and analyses 

We perform the requested risk assessments, vulnerability analyses, and threat modeling as well as report their results to the relevant parties. 

We offer the following services 

  • Mapping out the organization’s starting point and preparing a cyber strategy 

  • Information security management system 

  • Defining actions and improvement needs and implementing the related projects and monitoring 

  • Policies, guidelines, and trainings 

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