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Certificates create a solid foundation for our high-quality operations.

Certificated granted to Insta

Here you can find all Insta`s certificates.

ISO 45001 - Insta Automation Oy

ISO 14001 - Insta Automation Oy

ISO 9001 - Insta Advance Oy

ISO 9001 - Insta ILS Oy

AQAP-2110 - Insta ILS Oy

AQAP-2110 - Insta Advance Oy

ISO/IEC 27001 Mohave - Insta Advance Oy

ISO/IEC 27001 - CS Insta Advance Oy

FI.145.0007 - Insta ILS Oy

FIN.FIMAA.EMAR21G.0002 - Insta ILS Oy

FIN.FIMAA.EMAR145.0007 - Insta ILS Oy

FIN.FIMAA.SIM003.0010 - Insta ILS Oy

FIN.FIMAA.21J.0002.EN - Insta ILS Oy

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