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Stable growth and renewal

Annual report 2022

Niklas Mattsson
CEO Niklas Mattsson

A word from the CEO

For us, 2022 was a year of change and strong profitable growth. Despite the challenging global situation, we had lots of successes. I am especially happy that we were able to keep the promises we made to our customers, despite the COVID-19 crisis, war in Ukraine, and component shortage impacting schedules and creating cost pressure. I would like to thank the Insta team for your extreme flexibility in these difficult circumstances. You showed great effort and commitment.

Niklas Mattsson, CEO

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Year 2023

Record in net sales
EUR 173.9 million.
Insta icon
Attractive and meaningful place to work
1,129 Insta team members
Success of own products and services
Insta SafeLink Lite & Insta Steel
Insta Icon hands
Top level customer satisfaction
NPS 61
Our know-how is being utilized in more than 50 countries
At record pace
Automation cabinets from nuclear power plants to luxury yachts

Insta in numbers 2022

Insta-icons 134 learning rocket
143.5 M€ (2021)
Net sales 153.4 M€
Insta ikoni bulls eye
19.8 M€ (2021)
Profit for the period 12.0 M€
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1,012 (2021)
Employees 1,150
Insta icon diamond
22.3 M€ (2021)
EBIT 15.7 M€
Meter icon
60.8 % (2021)
Equity ratio 64.3 %

Latest document management technologies in action, featuring smart devices, cloud-based collaboration, and advanced software solutions that enhance organizational productivity.

The accelerating technological development

  • Digitalization, mobility, networking, data, AI, and robotics change the ways of working and create new opportunities.

  • Utilization of AI and integrating it in software and systems, generating added value for end-users.

  • The need for cyber security solutions grows as a result of the increased connectedness of systems and the growth of cybercrime.

A battery-shaped pond located in a lush forest.

Climate change and the green transition

  • The climate crisis and the current geopolitical situation impact the needs of the industry and investments.

  • Strong investments in renewable energy continue, and the construction of infrastructure that supports the green transition is accelerating in electricity and heat generation, for example.

  • Sustainability is highlighted in all activities.

Multidomain operations land, sea, air, space Insta

Geopolitical instability

  • Securing critical infrastructure is extremely important. Our connected society has several interdependent sectors – energy, water supply, food supply, and logistics.

  • The unstable situation and war in Ukraine impact the defence sector in many ways. In Europe, additional funding is especially directed to materials procurement and increased preparedness.

  • Finland joining the defensive alliance NATO in April 2023 creates new opportunities for the defence business through the evolving international defence collaboration.

Insta`s SOC cybersecurity

Research and product development

Cyber security services and utilizing digitalization

Insta helps its customers succeed today and in the future. In 2023, most of our product development expenses were allocated to the development of productized cyber services and the utilization of digitalization. International collaboration drives the understanding of the opportunities posed by new technologies.

Strategy 2023–2026

Profitable growth and target: Empowering a secure and sustainable future

Insta’s aim is to help and support our customers in a connected world that is becoming digitalized at an accelerating pace. Together, we look for solutions for ensuring social stability, improving competitiveness, and . Our strategic aim is to empower a secure and sustainable future for our customers and stakeholders now and in the future.

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A factory silhouette decorated by green grass with a blue sky in the background.

Industry 2023

Sustainable growth together with our customers

As a trailblazer in industrial automation, electrification, and digitalization, we help our customers strengthen and improve their business in terms of competitiveness, productivity, security, and reliability.

A competent partner for industrial data projects

Insta’s continuous improvement of competence has made us an attractive partner, and it enables an even more comprehensive range of services and the ability to deliver. Our customers’ growing demands in terms of business, the environment, and quality require seamless, efficient, and secure systems for automation, electrification, production control, and simulation. With our committed employees, who thoroughly know our customers’ operations and processes, we have the capacity to execute even more intelligent and extensive system deliveries from automation and electrification to the highest-level digitalization.

The strong utilization of a scalable data platform creates new opportunities for our industrial customers in terms of data-based management and the acceleration of digitalization. We help our customers improve the profitability, efficiency, and security of their business.

An expert in critical infrastructure and renewable energy

Our industrial business functions serve a broad range of critical functions of society, such as our customers in the energy and food industry, water supply, and the pharmaceutical sector.

The number of automation and electrical system deliveries is rapidly growing in the energy sector. The importance of sustainable energy production and renewable energy sources is growing globally.

We support sustainable development and strengthen the competitive advantage of our critical infrastructure customers by offering automation and digitalization solutions that make production processes more efficient while reducing the environmental impacts.

A comprehensive life-cycle approach

We utilize our expertise in a comprehensive manner – our broad portfolio as a platform-independent provider enables us to offer our customers cost-efficient solutions that are profitable and secure across the life cycle.

We deliver large-scale automation as well as electrical and digitalization projects at a quick turnaround time. Our maintenance and life-cycle services ensure that the customer receives a secure, comprehensive service from our 24-hour on-call service to process and equipment maintenance as well as the verification of operability.

A word from the CEO


Lifts 2022

Insta SOC cyber security

Cyber security 2023

New products, reliable services

Insta is one of Finland’s most significant cyber security companies. We offer a wide range of cyber security services from consulting to cyberattack prevention and from network security to the secure digital identity of persons and devices.

Continuous development of competence and offering

In 2022, we continued our efforts to further develop our cyber security products and services as well as to expand our business.

Early in the year, our Security Operations Center (SOC) was expanded to become a 24/7 service, which enables us to monitor our customers’ cyber security every day around the clock and to respond to any deviations. In addition, we continued developing the digital key management service as well as signing services for applications and licenses. In terms of products, special focus was put on the development of the next generation version of the Insta Certifier CA software and the development of data communication encryption products.

Continuous improvement of competence through training and recruitment is a key element of our operations. In 2022, our team received various new certificates (including CISA, CISSP, SANS, and ITIL), and we succeeded in hiring new cyber security professionals. At the turn of the year, our team comprised more than 140 experts in this field.

Growth and international expansion

In the cyber security business, net sales in 2022 grew by 16% from the previous year, and cyber security solution sales had record-high growth of 40% compared to 2021. In addition, in 2022, our cyber security services completed the largest contract in the business area’s history worth €4.2 million. Already, approximately one fifth of our business is directed toward the international market, and we want to work on and expand this development in the future. Partners play a significant role in terms of internationalization.

We believe in strong growth in the coming years and we are confident that we are able to continue offering interesting opportunities to cyber security professionals in the future. Furthermore, we are actively looking into potential acquisitions in the cyber security sector.

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Insta employees at the office, plants, computers, plants

Software Consulting 2023

Agile and scalable software consulting

Insta’s software consulting business offers agile and scalable software development and digitalization solutions. We differentiate ourselves with professionalism that emphasizes a strong understanding of the industrial environment, information security, experience in implementing critical systems, and expertise in modern, reliable technologies.

Secure turnkey solutions

Our operations follow high standards of quality and are based on solid professional skill, an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business, and a diverse offering of consulting and services. Our competence covers the entire value chain from coming up with the idea for a new service to execution, quality assurance and, eventually, maintenance.

We offer broad turnkey solutions that combine software development, analytics, customer-centric service design and user experience, digital twins, and state-of-the-art information security. At the core of our analytics business is Insta’s data platform, which increases our customers’ net sales, reduces costs, and boosts production efficiency by utilizing AI and data.

We are experts in the development of digital business and in ensuring the continuity and efficiency of business. We work in close collaboration with Insta’s other business units in order to be able to offer our services as broadly and quickly as possible and further accelerate our customers’ digitalization.

We have extensive experience in demanding industrial software development projects and information security-critical development. We do much more than just individual implementations. We are able to broadly consider our customers’ special product development needs, whether they are related to design, embedded devices, IoT, or quality assurance.

Close to the customer

Our software projects utilize agile methods and a flexible cell approach to product development, in which the composition of a team can be modified according to the stage of the project. We use the technologies chosen by the customer or we provide assistance in making the choice.

Our customers operate in a wide range of fields, including the energy, forest, extractives, pharmaceuticals, port, agriculture, transport, food, and process industry. Our expertise is used in a comprehensive way in the healthcare, banking, and insurance sectors as well as by public sector operators.

In 2022, we managed to hire a lot of new skilled people and we reached record levels of employee retention and job satisfaction. Professional pride, a sense of community, and teamwork are strongly present in everything that we do. We want to grow and create teams of experts who enjoy their work and whose know-how is seen and felt by our customers through even more innovative and effective collaboration and higher quality.

Highlights for 2023

Lockheed Martin F-35 and landscape Insta

Defence 2023

Product development, partners, and new opportunities through NATO

Insta’s Defence business focuses on situational picture and command & control systems, system integrations for networked defence, AI-based analytics, simulators, and cyber security as well as avionics maintenance and repair and solutions that secure pilots’ performance.

As a long-term strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces, we have an important role in ensuring the security of supply and in securing industrial self-sufficiency.

Highlights for 2023


Lifts 2022

Customer experience

We strengthen and develop our customers’ competitiveness

Insta is a technology company that operates in various fields. We strengthen and accelerate the competitiveness of our customers and partners by empowering a secure and sustainable solutions. Our success factors include genuine, in-depth customer understanding, our continuously developing service and product range as well as our competent personnel.

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Personnel and culture

The best community and place to do meaningful work

At Insta, we enjoy our great and encouraging work atmosphere. We have a strong team spirit and, as a family-owned company, our way of working is agile and flexible. These, combined with open and bold communication, lay the foundation for a great workplace.

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Green trees nature picture sustainability Insta

Toward a more sustainable future, together

Every year, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. As a Finnish family-owned company, sustainability is a natural part of our values as well as the foundation for the profitability and continuity of our business – we create a more sustainable society through our solutions and services. We are also worth your trust in the sense that we do our part in making the world a good place to live.

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