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Safe Society Solutions

Security is not just a feeling. It is a value and state of action underpinned by reliable expertise and cutting-edge technology designed for the most demanding of conditions. This is what we create while building and maintaining a secure society. 

The need for increased national security has been emphasized in the current global context, and the trend will continue for years to come. Insta builds solutions and services that help in keeping Finnish society safe.

National security requires better situational awareness and more rapid information flow between authorities and companies, as well as a common model for managing exceptional situations and emergencies. Management tools are essential for success in dealing with exceptional situations. Citizens need to know that it is safe to live in Finland, also in the future.

Our cybersecurity solutions are widely used in the field of national security. Our common operational picture platform (Insta Blue Aware™) provides a quickly-deployable solution for presenting and utilizing operational data collected from various data sources, especially in security-critical operating environments. 

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