Management Solutions and Services

High-quality management and decision-making require not only professional management skill but reliable, up-to-date information and a systematic approach.

Insta offers its clients a diverse range of management tools, systems, products, consulting, and design services. Management solutions and services are tailored in line with the client's own operational environment. Insta possesses decades of experience in the application of management services and solutions in various surroundings – from military settings to business and organizational operating environments in numerous sectors.

The comprehensive sectoral and technological know-how of the companies in the Insta Group are utilized and applied in the planning of solutions and services.

Management Solutions Designed for Defense or Security-Critical Operating Environments

  • Command and control systems
  • Field management solutions
  • Simulator-based training systems
  • Design, specification, and architectural work
  • Information system management
  • Information security and classified networks
  • Crime, fraud, and intelligence analysis solutions

Management solutions designed for defense or security-critical operational environments are provided by Insta DefSec Oy
Learn more about these services on Insta DefSec's website.

Solutions and Services Linked with Aviation Management

  • Obsolescence, life cycle planning, maintenance planning, and expert services 
  • Aviation expertise services, special expertise in the aviation and defense sectors, and training services
  • support, training, and consulting services for unmanned aviation

Find out about aviation technology products, services, and life cycle solutions



Automation Industry Management Solutions and Services

  • Turn-key deliveries of electrical automation solutions
  • Maintenance planning and outsourcing services
  • Planning and outsourcing of life cycle services
  • Smart Factory products
  • Cybersecurity for the automation Industry
  • Consulting, engineering, and training services

Electrical automation solutions and services are provided by Insta Automation Oy.
Learn more about these services on the Insta Automation website.

Security management exercise and training services

  • Exercise and training services for security and situational management
  • Crisis management and communication services and solutions 
  • Exercises, training, and solutions for managing security incidents

Exercise and training services for security management are provided by Insta Innovation Oy's subsidiary Insta Trust Oy.
Learn more about these services on Insta Innovation's website.



Tools for Managing Social and Health Care Services

  • Comprehensive ERP software for local/regional social and health care operations (Insta Care)

The modular Insta Care ERP software for local/regional social and health care operations is provided by Insta Innovation Oy's subsidiary Insta Care Oy.

Learn more about these services on the Insta Innovation website.

  • Cyber and information security solutions for social and health care services environments

Learn more about these services on Insta DefSec's website.



Consulting and Expert Services Linked with Management Solutions and Services

Insta offers tailored training, exercise, research, consulting, management, and program management services related to management solutions and services.

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Insta Group serves

  • The Finnish Defense Forces
  • Public administrations
  • The public sector
  • Critical infrastructure: waterworks, energy sector
  • Service providers
  • Process, energy, and food industries, material handling
  • Marine industry: onshore / offshore
  • Theaters
  • National emergency supply organizations

  • Security-oriented organizations
  • Industrial process equipment providers, system integrators and suppliers
  • Engineering units and project exporters
  • National administration, public administration
  • Aviation: Military aviation, civil aviation, public authorities
  • Social and health care services

Information about the Group

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