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XR and real-time 3D

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Insta Digital offers robust Real-time 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. We believe the solution should be usable everyday at work, easy to use and provide value. We are experienced integrators. Digital security, AI and the cloud are in our DNA.

Key Expertise Areas

VR Training

Training in simulators is effective. Virtual Reality training is great where real-world training is expensive, potentially dangerous or not available. Examples of VR Training solutions:

  • Heavy machinery operators
  • Assembly of industrial machines
  • Power plant and chemical labs maintenance
  • Airplane and ship crew training
  • Defence forces training scenarios

What we can offer:  

Tools to easily create modular VR training scenarios for different needs.

Data to measure improvement rate and suggestions based on facts.

Focus on usability and design. This is especially important in VR training, where good design increases learning rate and reduces errors at work.

Deep understanding how to optimize VR rendering for different hardware while maintaining high visual fidelity in realistic environments. 

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness solutions increase safety and operator performance by improving understanding of complex environments. For years we have been developing state-of-the-art situational awareness solutions for the defense, maritime and mining industries. We create a real-time digital twin view of the surroundings where multiple units can share an understanding. Example use cases:

  • Safety critical and complex environments
  • Operating in difficult weather and lighting conditions
  • Remote operated or autonomous vessels and vehicles
  • Fleet management

What we can offer:

Intelligent algorithms to process sensor data and the relevant information visualized in real-time 2D and 3D.

 A digital model combined with real time video. Augmented additional information for the operator.

Increased trust, safety and efficiency by making machine decisions clear. See what the machine sees, thinks and how it wants to act while still having full control.

Digital Twins

Digital twins can make time to market faster and reduce expensive, physical prototypes. Modern technology enables real-time simulation and high-quality graphics. Systems can be tested and validated virtually. Digital twins can be connected with external systems with real data. Example use cases:

  • Product development
  • Machine maintenance prediction
  • Public infrastructure planning and validation
  • Virtual training

What we can offer:

Powerful design and validation applications, as well as engaging experiences for marketing. Speed up the time to market.

Virtual training applications with realistic digital twins. Simulation training increases learning and reduces errors. Learning can be measured and cost savings proven.

Digital Twin sandbox environments. Infrastructure planning can benefit from crowd and scenario simulations and threat modelings. Digital Twins can be used to create sandbox environments, where architects and designers can easily modify existing infrastructure and test new scenarios. 

Realistic visualizations and point of interest tools. In real-estate applications floor plans and surrounding environments can be visualized in realistic 3D. Points of interest are highlighted and different interior configurations can be tested.

Case Examples and Business Benefits

  • Improve safety through training
  • Improve understanding of complex environments
  • Saving through improved efficiency
  • Saving through reduction in errors
  • Saving on personnel costs 
  • Saving on RnD costs (no need to produce real-world models)


Harri Vuolle