Exercise, Training, and Simulation Solutions

Retaining the organization's ability to operate in abnormal situations, up-to-date competence of management and staff, testing operations, products, or systems during the design stage: Insta's exercise, training, and simulation services are widely applied to the changing environments and needs of our customers.

Our exercise, training, and simulation services are utilized for proactive management, managing abnormal situations, ensuring the continuity and security of organizations, training organizations, or planning operations. Insta's services make use of the latest tested and proven technology in the industry, as well as a customer-driven implementation model. Virtual technologies and simulations help to ensure both an authentic training environment and an engaging, effective learning experience.

Exercise, training, and simulation solutions for the automation and process industry

  • Training and simulation solutions for engineering, life cycle management, and maintenance of automation solutions
  • Simulation and optimization of process automation adjustments

Electrical automation solutions and services are provided by Insta Automation Oy.
Learn more about these services on Insta Automation's website.



Exercise, Training, and Simulation Solutions for High-Security Organizations

  • Cybersecurity lectures and training
  • Information security e-learning
  • Management cyber exercises
  • Simulator-based training systems

Exercise, training, and simulation solutions for high-security organizations are provided by Insta DefSec Oy.
Learn more about these services on Insta DefSec's website.


Aviation Exercise, Training, Simulation, and Modeling Solutions

  • Aviation sector expertise and training services
  • 3D modeling of aeronautical equipment
  • Product research and development of aeronautical equipment
  • Unmanned aviation training, simulation, modeling, and consulting services

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Defense Sector Exercise, Training, and Simulation Services

  • Exercise Solutions (Trasim)
  • Training Related to Management Systems
  • Simulator-based Education Systems

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Exercise, Training, and Simulation Solutions Connected with Security and Situation Management

  • Practical training services (situation management, crisis communications, and continuity planning)
  • 3D visualization solutions for security
  • General cyber security – e-learning

Security management exercise and training services are provided by subsidiary Insta Trust Oy.


Insta Group serves

  • The Finnish Defense Forcest
  • Public administrations
  • Julkinen sektori
  • Critical infrastructure: waterworks, energy sector
  • Service providers
  • Process, energy, and food industries, material handling
  • Marine industry:: onshore / offshore
  • Theaters
  • National emergency supply organizations

  • Security-oriented organizationst
  • Industrial process equipment providers, system integrators and suppliers
  • Engineering units and project exporters
  • National administration, public administration
  • Aviation: Military aviation, civil aviation, public authorities
  • Social and health care services

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