Defense Solutions

Defense solutions serve national defense organizations and other organizations in high-security operating environments in highly demanding entities.

High-security systems, services, and solutions built in demanding and complex environments require thorough technological know-how and expertise in operating environments. Certified quality and extensive knowledge of technology and operating environments are basic prerequisites for Insta's service delivery.

Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces. The partnership includes maintenance and life cycle services of aeronautical equipment as well as command and control solutions for defense operations, among other things.


Management Services and Solutions for the Defense Sector

  • Command and control systems
  • Simulator-based training systems
  • Design, specification, and architectural work
  • Information system management
  • Communication networks and information security

Management services and solutions for the defense sector are provided by Insta DefSec Oy.
Learn more about these services on Insta DefSec's website.



Aviation Services for the Defense Sector

Insta ILS Oy functions as a partner for the Finnish Defense Forces in the maintenance of aeronautical equipment and systems, as well as life cycle services.

Learn more about these services on the Insta ILS website.





Situational Management Exercise Solutions 

Insta Innovation Oy's subsidiary, Insta Trust Oy, offers Trasim exercise solutions based on virtual technology.



Unmanned Aviation Solutions for the Defense Sector

  • Unmanned aviation services (training, consulting, and operation)

Unmanned aviation solutions are provided by subsidiary: Insta Airhow Oy.



Insta Group serves

  • The Finnish Defense Forces
  • Public administrations
  • Public sector
  • Critical infrastructure: waterworks, energy sector
  • Service providers
  • Process, energy, and food industries, material handling
  • Marine industry: onshore/offshore
  • Theaters
  • National emergency supply organizations

  • Security-oriented organizations
  • Industrial process equipment providers, system integrators and suppliers
  • Engineering units and project exporters
  • National administration, public administration
  • Aviation: military aviation, civil aviation, public authorities
  • Social and health care services

Information about the Group

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