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    Training, consulting and operating for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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    We provide to our customers induction and training in order to improve the safety of unmanned aircraft systems. 

    Customer-orientated UAS specialist services

    We offer training, consulting and operating for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) following the turnkey principle. Our customers have access to the solid expertise and experience of our personnel with regard to training and demanding operations.

    Trust is an indication of the high standard of the training offered by Insta: Finnish authorities have selected us as their UAS trainer since 2012.


    Online RPAS induction training

    Our online course consists of UAS training material intended for professional, non-professional and official parties, using which you can choose where and when to study.

    • The course forms the basis of the use of RPAS, offers information about the various applications of RPAS and provides basic understanding of the performance of RPAS and the operating principles of main components.
    • The course offers basic information about the use of RPAS based on a Visual Line of Sight (VLOS).
    • The course also offers skills for use of RPAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).
    • The objective of the course is to engage students to the continuous improvement of aviation safety and to reporting any observed accidents, hazards and irregular situations.

    The course can flexibly be performed online, independent of time and place. Students who have successfully passed the course will also obtain a certificate.
    The study licence is valid for six months, and we are constantly keeping the course up to date. Students always have easy access to correct and valid information.

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    Special UAS training

    Top experts from different special fields act as instructors in the special UAS training designed for the use of effective payloads and the utilisation of information they produce.

    Special training is always theme-specific, focusing separately on surveying, observing and monitoring the environment, agriculture, search and rescue or BVLOS flight operations.

    The best possible solution through UAS consulting

    Typical objectives of UAS consulting what we offer include the creation of new and cost-effective UAS services, the development of operating methods and the provision of training.

    Our consulting services cover the evaluation of the practical suitability and performance of different UAS and, if required, system testing. We help our customers to select the correct technology, we specify requirements and customise cost-effective operating solutions following the turnkey principle.

    We also produce necessary instructions and operations manuals for VLOS and BVLOS operations. Rapid changes in regulation have been taken into account in our manuals.

    • Identification of suitable UAS for the scope of application
    • Assistance for the selection of the correct system
    • Test flight programme
    • Official negotiations concerning the use of the system
    • Technical support for acquisition
    • Identification of effective loads and integration with aircraft
    • Training for the operating personnel
    • Instructions and operations manuals







    We help you to define the benefits you can get and to select the most suitable equipment and the most functional operating method.

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    Raine Lehtonen

    Ville Somppi


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