Automation and Electrification Solutions and Life Cycle Services 

The reliability and productivity of automation solutions arise from services built on customer understanding, extensive technology expertise, expert implementation, and proactive life-cycle services. 

Insta serves its customers as a full-service supplier of electrical automation, independent of system and equipment vendors. As Finland's leading automation, instrumentation and electrification company, we partner our customers in optimizing the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of production operations and life cycle management.

Insta has decades of experience and strong expertise in the operational environments of the automation and process industry. By merging this with our diverse technology expertise, we provide tailor-made systems, services, and products for our customers in industrial operating environments and other environments that utilize automation. In addition, we offer solutions to organizations that use automation, including management, security management, cybersecurity, and information security.

Automation and electrification solutions and services are provided with certified quality, utilizing best practices, technologies, components, and devices.

Automation, Electrification, and Instrumentation Services

  • Engineering of electrification and automation for industry and processes
  • Manufacturing of automation cabinets
  • Process electrification installations
  • Automation installations
  • Maintenance of electrical automation
  • Automation maintenance and life cycle services
  • Field service for electrical automation
  • Turn-key deliveries of electrification and automation
  • Cyber and information security solutions for the automation industry

Life cycle services for electrical automation are reliably delivered by the market leader – Insta Automation Oy.

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Management solutions and services for industrial sector companies

  • Crisis management and communication service (SitMan)
  • Security incident management service (HSE)
  • Management systems
  • Simulator-based training systems
  • Planning, specification, and architectural work
  • Information system management
  • Information security

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Exercise, Training, and Simulation Solutions for the Automation Industry

  • Training services (e.g., situation management, crisis communication, continuity planning)
  • 3D visualization services for security
  • Cyber network training
  • Simulation and optimization of process automation settings
  • Cyber security lectures and training
  • Information security online training
  • Cyber exercises for the management
  • Simulator-based training systems
  • Harmonized exercise libraries and practices for critical industries

In addition, virtual technologies and simulation can be used for purposes such as engineering automation solutions. 
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Automation Solutions Services for Critical Infrastructure

  • Engineering of electrification and automation
  • Installation of electrification and automation
  • Maintenance of electrical automation
  • Automation life cycle services
  • Field service for electrical automation
  • Turn-key deliveries of electrification and automation

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Consulting and Expert Services for Reliability-Critical Automation Organizations

  • Security practice and learning expert services
  • Security management expert services
  • Training services
  • Energy measurements
  • Transformation consulting
  • ICT enterprise architecture
  • ICT program management
  • ICT infrastructure consulting
  • Information security consulting
  • Unmanned aviation consulting services: industrial applications
  • Testing services for equipment and systems
  • Particle measurements for industry

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Insta Group serves

  • The Finnish Defense Forces
  • Public administrations
  • Julkinen sektori
  • Critical infrastructure: waterworks, energy sector
  • Service providers 
  • Process, energy, and food industries, material handling
  • Marine industry: onshore / offshore
  • Theaters
  • Security-oriented organizations
  • Industrial process equipment providers, system integrators and suppliers
  • Engineering units and project exporters
  • National emergency supply organizations
  • National administration, public administration
  • Aviation: Military aviation, civil aviation, public authorities
  • Social and health care services

Information about the Group

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