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Insta DefSec delivers Finland's new Emergency Response Center information system, ERICA

In 2008, the Finnish Emergency Response Centre Administration initiated a project with other security authorities in order to develop future emergency response center operations and ICT systems. The goal is to create a shared information system that is used nation-wide by all operators taking part in emergency response center operations.

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Insta ResponseTM product family as a basis for ERICA

The ERICA project was initiated in 2011. The system's primary environment are emergency response centers where call-takers handle emergency calls and subsequent tasks. A control room typically has a few dozen workstations that are also used to monitor and manage the control room’s activities. Tasks can be transferred from emergency response centers to the command and control centers of various safety and security authorities.

Insta DefSec develops the system in very close collaboration with all authorities in the 112 chain, using the Insta Response™ product family as the basis. After commissioning, Insta will provide the ERICA system as a service for the Emergency Response Centre Administration and the collaborating authorities.

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ERICA's main features

ERICA's primary function is to assist call-takers in handling emergency calls, making the right decisions based on a quick situation analysis, and dispatching tasks to the most appropriate field units. The system enables incident management in seamless cooperation between all call-takers and authorities involved.

The key benefits offered by the ERICA system:

  • Seamless cooperation between the authorities involved
  • Flexible load distribution between emergency response centers in the event of external load peaks and internal personnel shortages
  • Nationally harmonized operating models with appropriate consideration for conditions that vary with time and place
  • A common overview and diverse forms of communication and cooperation between users
  • Unified user interface that adapts according to user roles and automatic support at all stages
  • A reporting and analytics service that supports continuous development of operating models
  • Diverse management options for the system and data
  • Reliable and fault-tolerant system architecture that also enables local use and various back-up use methods in the event of disruption



Read more about ERICA on the Emergency Response Centre Administration website