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Utilizing data driven business intelligence from production to delivery saves both money and the environment

Insta and Kiilto's 30-year-old collaboration began with automation and electrification of production processes. The latest project between the two aimed to improve productivity through digitalization and data analytics.




Digitalization and data-driven production often play an essential role in streamlining operations. Known for its customer orientation, Kiilto wanted to develop its product portfolio to better meet customers' expectations without forgetting efficiency and the environmental perspective.

− Collaboration with Kiilto is very smooth, and due to our long shared history, we know each other's ways of working well. By working together, we can reach an outcome that neither party could achieve without the other, says Insta CDO Juha Latvala, who led the collaboration.

Read more in Kiilto's article and watch the video below to see how data-driven leadership saves both euros and the environment.



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