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The cooperation between Insta and the Finnish Defence Forces will be extended to support services for C4ISR systems

Insta DefSec and the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command have signed an agreement for the delivery of support services for C4ISR systems (intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance and command and control systems).

The agreement aims to improve the flexibility and effectiveness of the Logistics Command's material procurement projects and the ability to build and maintain the Defence Forces' capabilities at different phases of the life cycle of C4ISR systems. 

Deliveries of expert services cover the contract years 2019–2021, and the acquisition also includes an option for years 2022–2023. The value of the acquisition is approximately EUR 13 million. 

At the signing ceremony, Timo KakkolaChief of the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command, spoke about reaching the agreement and the tender preceding it: 

 This is an essential and significant agreement. I thank the people of Insta and our own staff for taking care of this matter well. The competition was fierce and honest. With the agreement, the provider of the support services will change. Now the actual work begins, for which I wish Insta stamina and, where necessary, good luck. 

In the project, Insta, the Defence Forces, and stakeholders develop a common multi-supplier environment for C4ISR systemsInsta has the role of an integrator and expert. 

 This is, above all, a service procurement for skilled people with the latest knowledge of new technologies and practices. We want to implement this expertise through the support service for numerous projects and actors in a multi-supplier environment. Insta's role is to be a partner of the Defence Forces in supporting and guiding the development of supplier ecosystems. We expect Insta's experts to take the initiative and be proactive to achieve the project's goals, Reima KuutsaChief of C4ISR systems division of the Joint Systems Centre of the Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command, clarified the expectations for the acquisition. 

Jari Mielonen, Executive Vice President of Insta DefSec, thanked the Logistics Command for the decision. 

 This agreement deepens our strategic partnership and brings continuity to it. It is great that we can also transfer our decades-old C4ISR system expertise, combined with new technology, to the benefit of the Defence Forces and the whole ecosystem. It is our job to be worth your trust. 

Read the Ministry of Defense press release.

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