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    One year has passed since the national introduction of the emergency response center information system ERICA

    For one year now, the emergency response center information system, ERICA, delivered by Insta, has enhanced co-operation between authorities and improved the operational reliability of the Emergency Response Centre Agency in Finland.


    ERICA, the shared emergency response information system, was successfully introduced in Finland during 2018–2019. Deployment of the new system took place in stages, one emergency response center at a time. The deployment was fully completed with the Emergency Response Center in Kerava being completed on May 7, 2019. The national networked system is now used by the police, rescue services, social and health services, and The Finnish Border Guard. Thanks to the new emergency response center information system, operational readiness of the Emergency Response Centre Agency has improved. In addition, more and more people are receiving help faster than before.

    With ERICA, Finland's six emergency response centers form one virtual emergency response center, which makes it possible to level the regional peaks at a national level. Statistics from the Emergency Response Center Agency show that thanks to the technical solutions of the system, emergency calls connect to an available operator faster than before. Emergency calls are queued for a few seconds, after which they are routed to an operator in another emergency response center.

    Employees have received support in the use of the new emergency response center information system, and they have become familiar with it quickly. Thanks to ERICA and other projects, Insta has extensive experience in multi-authority collaboration and implementing various security systems. Insta is a specialist in emergency response and alarm center solutions and a builder and developer of a safe society.


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    Marko Savolainen