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Insta supports European digital transformation in the AI-NET-ANTILLAS research project

Insta is one of the key contributors to an extensive international research project whose primary objective is to accelerate digital transformation in Europe. The CELTIC-NEXT project AI-NET-ANTILLAS develops solutions for 5G and 6G security and performance by intelligent and secure network automation.

Digital transformation is ongoing in many areas of today’s society, which will impact many aspects of people’s lives via means such as smart cities, robotic transportation, IoT, and next-generation industries. The MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) and IoT markets are expanding rapidly with the emergence of new applications and technologies, e.g., public safety, traffic, logistics, and the manufacturing industry. AI-NET-ANTILLAS supports this transformation by creating solutions for cyber security, cyber resilience, and AI.

– We continually invest in research. Our role in the AI-NET-ANTILLAS project is to investigate digital identity solutions, taking into account cloud edge and IoT environments, which allow third-party application integration into 5G and 6G networks. Our long-term objective is to create international and national business potential and to network internationally, says Tatu Männistö, Senior Director of Technology from Insta.

AI-NET-ANTILLAS is a subproject of a larger international project, AI-NET. AI-NET is an 80-million-euro public-private partnership with 90 companies, research organizations, and universities from Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Poland. The Finnish consortium budget is 5 million euros.

In addition to Insta, the Finnish consortium members are Airbus, Eficode, Goodmill, Huld, iProtoXi, WithSecure, and Xiphera. The research partners for the project are Centria and VTT. VTT is also the coordinator of the Finnish consortium.


Read more: antillas.ai-net.tech

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