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Insta joins the CA/Browser Forum



Insta has been approved to join the Certification Authority Browser (CA/Browser) Forum, which defines the international recommendations, practices for digital certificates and their identification and usage. The most significant browser developers, operating system producers and CA (Certification Authority) operators are part of the Forum. Insta is involved in the Server Certificate and Code Signing Certificate teams. With the Forum, our CA applications Insta Certifier will meet the needs of our clients even better in the future.

“While developing Insta Certifier and our PKI services, we follow the requirements, adapt to them, and implement them to ensure our customers can produce services in accordance with the regulations when providing TLS certificates for public services, for example. The most important reason to join the CA/Browser Forum are our customers. As a member of the forum, we will ensure that we will continue to get information on the future requirements of the CA/Browser forum as early as possible and can take them into account while developing our services and products,” says Tatu Männistö, Senior Director of Technology at Insta.

Insta Certifier is a trustworthy comprehensive solution for digital certificate management for organizations that require a high level of security and a long-life cycle. The applications are used by the certificate server environments of banks and organizations, company communications networks’ security solutions and government certification services, for example.

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