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Insta is renewing itself with a customer focus - New units

The new units accelerate the digitalisation of industry and reinforce growth in the defence and cybersecurity business areas  

Insta, a specialist in intelligent industry, cybersecurity and defence technology, is developing its operating model to support the needs of its clients even better. The new operating model accelerates the digitalisation of industry and the green transition, strengthens the market position of the defence business and helps to grow the cybersecurity business. The strongly growing technology company is arranging its intelligent industry business and establishing dedicated units to manage the overall services for industry and the ever accelerating digitalisation as well as turnkey deliveries and life cycle services for the energy industry. 

At the same time, defence business activities will be combined in order to secure profitable growth and internationalisation in the future. This is done by combining the expertise, product development and product portfolio of Insta ILS Oy, which specialises in equipment maintenance and testing in the aviation industry as well as unmanned aviation, with the defence business. ILS will remain as an independent company. 
Cybersecurity consulting in the Digital unit, which specialises in software development, is combined with the cybersecurity business, complementing these comprehensive service offerings that are based on strong expertise. The rapidly growing Digital unit also has a clear direction: to implement, develop and consult, thereby creating added value for clients in demanding industrial software projects. The arrangements related to the new units will be completed by the end of April. 

- By creating these new units, we want to improve service for our customers, focus our top expertise and respond to developments on the market. We want to continue to be the best alternative for our clients when discussing industrial projects related to renewable energy, the digitalisation of the production process and the utilisation of data or defence industry solutions and partnerships, for example – all of which are based on reliable cybersecurity expertise. Helping our clients succeed is at the heart of our strategy, says Jari Mielonen, Executive Vice President for Insta. 

Recruiting more than 150 new future professionals this year 

Insta is the leading Finnish full-service supplier of electrical and automation process systems, a strong defence technology provider as well as a trusted cybersecurity and digitalisation partner for companies and organisations requiring critical security. Employing more than 1,100 professionals, Insta is aiming for profitable growth together with its clients and partners. The target markets have been divided with a customer focus into intelligent industry, defence and cybersecurity. 
Clients’ growing demands in terms of business, the environment and quality require seamless, secure systems for automation, production control and simulation. Competent personnel are in high demand in both the cybersecurity and software industries. 
- We are constantly looking for new professionals for diverse and interesting tasks. This year, we will require at least 150 new members in the Insta team. In particular, we are looking for experts specialising in cybersecurity and defence technology – or people wishing to become experts in these fields. We are also offering the opportunity to jump in and build solutions that reduce climate change and promote sustainable development as part of our intelligent industry teams.   

 New business units support growth in intelligent industry

The new Energy unit focuses on the overall services for clients in the energy segment, and it is responsible for both renewable energy projects and life cycle services. Going forward, the Industry & Infra unit will manage turnkey deliveries to other industries in the investment stage and during service life cycles. The Smart Factory unit produces and develops products, services and solutions for the digitalisation of industry.  
- Insta’s constantly developing expertise in electrification, automation and digitalisation projects gives us the opportunity to offer even more comprehensive services and delivery capabilities. We see the energy industry and green transition projects as a growing area where Insta’s strong expertise in electrical design and installation together with know-how in management by data will offer us first-rate solution capabilities, Mielonen says.   
In the energy industry, the role of wind and solar energy is increasing alongside bioenergy, for example, which will do its part in increasing the share of diversified energy production. Production may be balanced by modernising old power plants, and energy production processes can be made more efficient and their environmental impacts can be reduced by means of smart automation and digitalisation solutions. 
Information security threats are always present with industrial systems as well as in every step of their design and implementation. A good partner knows the production processes and automation systems as well as cybersecurity principles. 
- Our new operating model for intelligent industry will accelerate our clients’ growth and further improve our comprehensive service. It will also improve our competitiveness and accumulate know-how as we bring industrial and ICT competences close to each other. The new units also provide our own personnel with an opportunity to develop, learn new things and switch roles, Mielonen says. 

Strategic partnership and international opportunities for defence technology 

Insta is a pioneer in solutions and services for networked defence, a supplier of smart management systems and a producer of life cycle support services for security of supply. 

- We are an insightful expert in state-of-the-art technology and a strategic partner to the Finnish Defence Forces. Our partnership is long, close and varied. In the field of aviation, for example, we started our cooperation more than 50 years ago, and projects related to the service of the new F-35 fighter jet and industrial cooperation are on the way. This expertise allows us to offer purposeful products and solutions to the international defence technology market with the coming NATO membership.  


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