Insta is developing the security of 5G networks

Insta contributed to the development of cyber security of 5G networks in a Celtic-Next-cluster SENDATE-flagship project together with Finnish and German partners.

World is proceeding from a 4G network to a faster and more efficient 5G network. This transition will have a major impact on society and especially on economic and industrial development.

The security of the operating environment is mandatory when proceeding to the more efficient network. Technology will have a major impact on several areas such as traffic, industry and healthcare.

In the Celtic-Next-cluster SENDATE-flagship project, main attention was the development of cyber security solutions together with partners from Finland and Germany. For example resilience of the cyber security solutions in different scenarios were tested and also how to handle and visualize vast amounts of information to support decision-making.

Insta achieved technical goals of the project and the new product/service concept development will continue. As an important part of the project, Insta gained continuing co-operation with other project participants from Finland and from Germany.

Finnish project partners with Insta were Airbus Defence and Space, Comiq, Elisa, F-Secure, Softera and VTT. Key members of the Nokia Bell Labsin coordinated international consortium were Airbus and Infineon.


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