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Insta ILS receives MDOA certification

Insta Group becomes the second organisation in Finland to receive joint European certification

The Finnish Military Aviation Authority has granted a Military Design Organisation Approval (MDOA) certificate to Insta ILS. The certification is based on the European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMAR). The certificate entitles Insta ILS to engage in military aviation design work in accordance with the EMAR-21 requirements and to approve minor changes independently. With the certificate confirming expertise, project launches will also become easier.

–Insta’s right of approval will free up the Defence Forces’ resources. The certificate will also facilitate cooperation within joint European projects. In international forums, the consistent certificate means that all partners and states are aware of the grounds and requirements for approval. The certificate seals the long-term cooperation between the Defence Forces and Insta that started decades ago, says Engineer Officer Kimmo Nortaja, Director of the Finnish Military Aviation Authority.

New business opportunities

The EMAR requirements are based on the Aviation Act. It requires an operating licence in the aviation sector for maintenance and design operations alike. The requirements of the design certificate include appropriate processes and training programmes prepared in cooperation with the authorities, as well as the appointment of people in charge. In addition, an operating manual has been approved during an audit. The design processes are described in the manual and can therefore be verified.

–The military aviation design certificate is significant proof of the effectiveness and high quality of Insta’s operations. It enables us to expand our operations while also offering opportunities for new types of business operations, says Ville Soininen, Executive Vice President, Insta ILS.

Improved safety

MDOA certification is a proactive way to further develop military aviation safety and practices and ensure the continuous development of operations. The EMAR-21 requirements have been harmonised in Europe over a period of eight years, and were implemented in Finland in spring 2017. The military aviation authorities in each country are responsible for EMAR approvals. A similar licence has been in use in civil aviation for a long time.