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    Insta DefSec - Reseller of the Year

    We are proud to announce that Entrust company has awarded Insta DefSec as the Reseller of the Year.

    The award was virtually handed over with the following cover letter:

    “This partner is a long standing reseller and nFinity technology partner for Entrust DPS. They have developed PKI and signing solutions integrating nShield HSMs has a strategic part of these solutions. The relationship has further deepened in 2020 and 2021 when they further invested in Entrust professional services. They have procured the CodeSignGateway and additional PS services to increase PKI and signing capabilities to their clients. They increased their business with us by 55% compared to FY’20.”

    Insta provides the best solutions for its customers with products from leading manufacturers like Entrust. Long lasting partnership with Entrust is an excellent example of valuable cooperation between trusted cyber security partners.

    This award is a great recognition and an appreciation towards our growing business.


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