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    Insta continues to build and develop a safer society also during the coronavirus crisis

    Dear customers and partners

    The crisis caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) also has an effect on Insta in the upcoming months. In our work, we focus on ensuring that all our deliveries are made and our services, provided in cooperation with our partners, remain accessible to our customers also during the state of emergency. At the same time, we are taking measures to ensure that our personnel stays healthy and safe. In the services we provide for our customers and stakeholders, the key is to concentrate on supply chain management, securing critical functions and ensuring our society continues to operate – and to do our part to keep people safe.

    We have taken fast and pre-emptive measures. We have been monitoring the situation for a longer time and drafting contingency plans to ensure the continuity of our operations. In the short run, our focus has been on preventing the virus from spreading and decentralizing our operations by working remotely, holding all meetings digitally, and only accepting the most vital visits to our offices. We have also asked our employees returning from abroad to quarantine themselves and increased hygiene in all our operations.

    Market forecasts predict that it will take some time for the economy to bounce back from the recent setbacks, and depending on the forecast, the time needed can be quite long. Insta reacted quickly to the situation and took action to prevent its spread and to manage the risks associated with it. We have also taken action to secure our financial situation and minimize the aftereffects of the pandemic. .

    Insta's capabilities of surviving this crisis are better than those of many other businesses. If you need help with crisis management, we are here to help. We support our customers with expert services for various exercises, for example, services for preparedness and crisis management exercises.

    We want to do everything we can to ensure our customers and partners survive these trying times and emerge better than ever when the economy starts to bounce back. Taking care of each other and providing support and help are all vital in this situation.