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Data helps a company to succeed: Make effective use of your resources while avoiding major investments

Data is commonly at the core of a company’s success. It creates opportunities for improving the efficiency of operations and boosts competitiveness. The experts from the technology company Insta know industrial automation and understand the opportunities that are provided by data, which enables them to help companies leverage industrial data.

Industrial companies can no longer ignore the opportunities that are provided by data. Markets, their influencing factors, and people’s needs are changing more rapidly than ever. The companies need to be able to follow this change. Process optimization is key and it requires data.

– Data allows for improving process efficiency and profitability by up to several percentage points. Can any company afford not to act on this information?, asks Mika Riikonen, head of Insta’s Smart Factory unit.

To him, companies that started data collection early are the ones that will succeed going forward. If one company makes a giant leap, it will be hard for its competitors to catch up.


Insta accelerates digitalization for companies

Industrial digitalization is accelerating due to several reasons: The prices of energy and other commodities are up and that is leading companies to look for ways to improve their productivity. Optimizing production and smart maintenance are relevant to almost everyone, and security and the green transition are very topical subjects. The companies want to increase the predictability of their operations in order to avoid problems. Furthermore, the work that is done by humans is costly, and there is a growing shortage of experts. Anticipation allows for guiding human work to the right place at the right time.

Digitalization projects are commonly thought of as huge undertakings, both financially and in terms of their duration. In reality, this does not need to be the case. Last spring, Insta set up new business units that facilitate and accelerate digitalization within companies. In particular, the Smart Factory business unit produces and develops products, services, and solutions for the digitalization of industry.


– For many companies, the challenge is combining data from different sources, analyzing it in real time, and then using the results for guiding activities. Insta makes this possible. When the process is optimized to operate correctly from a technical perspective, the consumption of raw materials and energy is usually reduced, Mika Riikonen says.

Now, it's time for the smaller companies

Large enterprises have already built their own cloud platforms, as they have been able to invest in the utilization of data. Now, it’s time for the smaller companies to follow suit. Previously, they have not necessarily been able to afford custom solutions, and they may have lacked information on how to start.

– Insta offers a smart industrial data platform that makes it inexpensive, risk-free, and quick to get started. A large investment similar to a new production line is not required; data allows for making the best of the tools that you already have, says Pekka Savolainen, a manager from Insta who develops smart industry solutions.


– Simply gathering data is not enough. The goals need to be clear, and you need to have sufficient data. Furthermore, it needs to be stored systematically in one place and in the correct format. Insta’s data platform helps you do things sensibly.

Harness your data with Insta's smart, industrial data platform

  • An up-to-date situational picture that is formed on the basis of the data compiled in one location enables you to make better data-driven decisions – inexpensively, efficiently, and without risks.
  • Insta’s smart industrial data platform enables industrial companies to maximize the benefits of their data and to conduct better business.
  • Data-driven production optimization and smart maintenance allow for the better utilization of equipment, improvement of business profitability, avoidance of unexpected outages, increase of security, and preservation of the environment.
  • The visualized situational picture and analysis formed from the gathered data allow for root cause analysis and help experts make better decisions, both in the control rooms and in the field. The attention of humans is directed in the right place at the right time.
  • Maximize the benefits of your data with a smart data platform

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