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    Cybersecurity breakfast event

    Cybersecurity in the software business – can I wear a pink hoodie with my white hat?

    Have you considered a career in cybersecurity but don’t quite know if it’s for you? Are you intrigued and would like to get some more information on what it’s all about?

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    Join us for breakfast and talks at Kampusklubi in Hervanta on Tuesday the 17th of September 8.30-10.30 and get some insights!

    You’ll get to hear about:

    • different roles in the cybersecurity world and opportunities for different kinds of talent
    • what cybersecurity business in Finland is like and why it's an interesting industry

    Read more about and sign up for the event at Lyyti by Friday 13.9.2019 23.59. 

     Welcome! Wear a hoodie of any color, a onesie, or a suit - cybersecurity is for all!