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Insta DefSec accelerates CBRS Initial Commercial Deployments by issuing first official SAS certificates

Tampere, Finland, September 05, 2019 - Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is now one step closer to seeing daylight as Google, Federated Wireless and CommScope finalize their preparations for Initial Commercial Deployment.

Insta DefSec, a global provider of defense and security solutions, today announced the delivery of the first SAS (Spectrum Access System) certificates for Google, Federated Wireless and CommScope. These certificates were among the last missing pieces to enable the companies to finalize their Initial Commercial Deployment (ICD) preparations. In addition to the major first wave SASs, Insta DefSec’s certificates are also used by leading CBRS device vendors and service providers, including Nokia, Telrad, ip.access and Cambium Networks.

“The digital certificates from Insta DefSec will ensure the security and integrity of our network and mark a critical step toward production deployment of this transformative technology,” says Kurt Schaubach, CTO of Federated Wireless. “Mutual authentication of communicating parties and digital signing of device parameters gives our customers the confidence they need to deploy CBRS rapidly and broadly.”

“Insta has simplified the critical process of managing certificates, ensuring industry-leading security protection in CBRS and enabling the initial commercial deployments of this new spectrum sharing technology,” said Chris Hardy, vice president of CommScope’s Comsearch division.

Digital certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) form the backbone of security in the CBRS ecosystem. Each CBRS component, i.e. SAS, CBSD (Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device) and Domain Proxy, needs a unique certificate to prove its digital identity when communicating with other components. In addition, CBSD installers, also known as CPI (Certified Professional Installer), digitally sign the device parameters upon installation, enabling SASs to verify the origin and integrity of the parameters. The process is controlled by WInnForum, allowing certificates to be issued only by approved, WebTrust-certified Certificate Authorities (CA).

“Our track record of certificates and PKI spans over the past 20 years, including several high-assurance solutions for security critical customers in the telecom, finance and government sectors,” says Marko Hautakangas, vice president, Cyber Security of Insta DefSec. “Over 10 million of our certificates are installed on LTE base stations globally, and we have a strong commitment to develop innovative security solutions for the emerging 5G market. With this background, we decided to join the WInnForum in 2017 to be engaged in CBRS right from the beginning. In early 2018, Insta was the first WInnForum-approved CA to start providing certificate services for the CBRS ecosystem. The investment has paid off as today we are a trusted certificate provider for several major first wave CBRS device vendors and service providers.”

“Insta’s certificate service portfolio is designed to provide a scalable, cost-effective solution ranging from a single certificate to large-scale manufacturing process integrations,” continues Hautakangas. “Based on our long experience in factory certificate enrollment, we help our customers to integrate the generation and installation of certificates seamlessly into their manufacturing process flow. Alternatively, if the devices are already in the field, customers can request certificates on demand from the service. Regardless of the chosen service model, our customers are backed up by a skilled customer support team and readily available technical specialists.”

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