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    A new generation of quantum-safe VPN encryption solution protects critical data

    A new generation Insta SafeLinkTM is now released. The product development of the new version has focused especially on improving physical security. 

    Insta SafeLink™ is a VPN encryption solution for strong protection of communication between units and offices of security-critical organizations. The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSA-FI), which is responsible for the security approval of cryptographic products in Finland, has granted the new version of the Insta SafeLink™ VPN encryption solution national approval for security class III (CONFIDENTIAL). The new generation Insta SafeLink is a sustainable solution for protecting security-critical telecommunications connections in central government and companies, and it is guaranteed a 10-year life cycle.

    Typical users of the solution include, for example, government organizations, including the Defence Administration and other authorities, as well as companies with security-critical telecommunications connections. It enables industrial companies to cooperate and participate in the government's classified projects on their own premises.

    The product development of the new version has focused especially on improving physical security. Various security features such as key expiration and management connections have been updated and taken to a new level. The device is capable of a 10 Gbps transfer rate, which ensures adequate performance even in demanding situations. The redesigned desktop model enables secure video conferencing between different users.

    A comprehensive and versatile service model is available for the Insta SafeLink solution, and it is built to meet each customer's needs. The new software version also allows the use of quantum-safe algorithms to establish VPN connections.

    Insta has extensive experience in developing security-critical encryption solutions. Insta SafeLink was the first domestic product to be approved to protect national classified information up to security class III (CONFIDENTIAL), already in 2012.



    Insta SafeLink

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