Insta's quality

Insta acts and serves its customers with certified quality. Additionally, our operations are guided by quality factors based on a strong value system.

At Insta, the most important measure of quality is a satisfied customer. One who wants to partner with Insta and maintain a business relationship also in the future.

The solutions provided by Insta use the best technologies and practices in the field – tested and proven to be good. We observe the same principle when selecting our raw materials, components, instruments, and system solutions. We always select solutions that are durable over their entire life cycles and are regarded as the best and most appropriate in terms of the application, customer, society, and environment.

Our work is characterized by compliance with requirements, durability, tidiness, and attention to detail. We always adhere to the schedules, rules, and practices that have been agreed upon. We require the same from our business partners and subcontractors. Our quality criteria also concern service provision contents: We support the customer through consultative, customer-oriented, and friendly service.

Internally, Insta's quality criteria is also applied to our relationships with our colleagues. Strong collaboration and a willingness to help and guide one another are the tools our experts employ to ensure the best quality experience not only for the customer, but also for our own personnel.


  • ISO9001
  • AQAP-2110
  • ISO-27001