Insta's ethical rules

By acting in accordance with Insta's ethical rules, every Insta employee adheres to Insta's value system.

Starting Point

  • Insta has organized its internal and external activities using the ethical rules given in this document as its basis. Adhering to ethical practice is part of acting in a manner that is consistent with Insta's operational system.
  • Insta respects human dignity and human rights. Insta does not accept any form of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, political opinions, religion, or any other factor.
  • The basic starting point for Insta's activities is reliability, which requires that security-related perspectives are comprehensively accounted for in all its operations. Insta carries responsibility for its working community, customers, and partners, as well as the environment, in all its activities.
  • Insta adheres to laws, regulations, and other societal norms in its activities, as well as addresses its societal obligations. This includes providing good working conditions, adhering to competition legislation, promoting free competition, preventing bribery and corruption, promoting good company management, and protecting and recognizing intellectual property rights.

Objectives and Values

  • Insta's objective is to increase the value of the company, generate additional value for its customers, and act as a responsible employer.
  • Insta's values provide the foundation for all its actions.
  • These values comprise: Producing great results from the outset, adhering to our promises, developing expertise, and succeeding together.


  • Insta assists its customers in developing and ensuring their operational performance and results by delivering and maintaining reliable and modern automation, defense, and security technology for demanding conditions.
  • Insta aspires towards high-quality and competitive activities in the market through offering products and services of a high standard.
  • The primary tasks of the corporate parent company involve using its services to create conditions for the achievement of strategic goals in various business fields and units, developing its business portfolio, and ensuring the level of expertise required for successful operation.


  • For Insta, the personnel is the most important asset. The personnel's professional expertise has a crucial impact on the success of the entire business.
  • Our employment contracts and operation methods provide everyone with equal opportunities to succeed in their work and encourage the development of professional expertise.
  • Insta does not use child or forced labor and does not accept partners whose working conditions do not comply with international agreements.
  • Each Insta employee must avoid situations involving a conflict of interests. This can include receiving or providing hospitality beyond that deemed reasonable.

Occupational Health and Workplace Safety

  • Insta is committed to providing a safe working environment and reducing risks that could cause accidents or compromise the health and well-being of its workers.


  • Insta subscribes to honest practices and openness in its collaborations with its business partners, and honors agreements and commitments that have been made. We also require the same from our business partners.
  • Insta requires its business partners, subcontractors, and material suppliers to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Insta includes ethical requirements as part of its procurement contracts and strives to monitor adherence to these requirements to an appropriate extent.
  • Insta inspects the backgrounds of its primary subcontractors and consultants, and requires them to display an appropriate degree of business-specific expertise and have a good reputation and impeccable background.

Data and Information Security

  • Insta is committed to protecting the confidentiality of customer data in agreement with currently valid contracts, laws, procedural instructions, and its security policies.
  • Insta maintains accounts and archives in accordance with good management practice, and data are accessible only to those with appropriate rights. Data are assigned to nominated owners, who are responsible for granting access rights.

Environment and Sustainable Development

  • We respect the environment and use natural resources responsibly. A policy of sustainable development is our goal.
  • Insta's environmental system complies with the ISO14001 standard and its Board of Directors has approved an environmental policy that sets objectives for environmental activity.

Impact on Society

  • As a company with a critical role with respect to supply security, Insta aims to guarantee the uninterrupted continuation of business activities, even under situations of emergency, and takes part in national activities aimed at promoting supply security.
  • Insta does not offer donations or grant privileges or other benefits or economically significant gifts to national authorities, political parties or trade unions, with the exclusion of exceptions in agreement with the law, legal regulations, and other internal guidelines.

Adherence to Regulations

  • Each Insta employee must honor Insta's values and also encourage others to honor them.
  • Everyone must adhere to these ethical rules in all activities, including commercial transactions, subcontracting, deliveries, business development, and other business and employment relationships.