Innovation technology as a client service tool – Insta Innovation

Insta Innovation Oy is a company concentrated on developing advanced technology services and solutions for management.

Insta Innovation's services are born from refining innovative technological know-how into solutions that serve our clients' operational environments. In our development, we utilize tools such as simulation and virtual technologies as well as real-time operational scenarios. As a subsidiary company of Insta Group, Insta Innovation acts in collaboration with other companies within the Insta business field.

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Insta Innovation services are allocated within subsidiary companies:

Insta Trust Oy – services, training in security management

Insta Trust is a partner for business enterprises and organizations in the development and practice of safe operations and security management. We have an extensive, continuously developing range of services tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers:

  • Exercises in situational management, crisis communications, and continuity management
  • 3D visualization services related to security
  • Cybersecurity online training and exercises
  • Applications for situational management and communications
  • Applications for incident management

Learn more about Insta Trust's service range on the company's website.

Insta Airhow Oy – Unmanned Aviation/Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Services

Insta Airhow is a Finnish pioneer in unmanned aviation/remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) services. Our range of training includes unmanned aviation courses and training for demanding official use and for businesses, organizations, and private persons. In addition, Insta Airhow offers comprehensive operational services in unmanned aviation.


Learn more about Insta Airhow's unmanned aviation/RPAS training, consulting, and operational services on the company's website.

Insta Care Oy – Comprehensive ERP software for local/regional use in social and health care services
Insta Care has developed the modular Insta Care software, which enables the comprehensive management of social and health care services by local and regional customers.Learn more about Insta Care's service range on the company's website.




Solutions are offered for the following customer groups:

  • Municipalities
  • Social and health care districts
  • Public administration
  • The Finnish Defense Forces
  • Aviation
  • Civil aviation operators
  • National emergency supply organizations
  • Officials and civil authorities
  • Commerce and logistics
  • Service companies
  • Financial sector
  • Electronics industry
  • Energy industry
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Environmental sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer product manufacturers
  • Unions
  • Real estate

Other Insta companies

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