Insta ILS – an expert in avionics and high-tech life cycle services

Insta ILS Oy, a subsidiary company of Insta Group, combines knowledge of avionics security, high technology, and high-tech instrumentation with decades of experience to achieve advanced expertise with certified quality.

Insta ILS provides aeronautical equipment and systems maintenance to various divisions of the Finnish Defense Forces and to public authorities and civil organizations. Our activities include comprehensive testing, research, and product development services. We also represent components, equipment, and systems by leading suppliers in the avionics sector. As an independent supplier, we always ensure our customers get safe solutions with outstanding life cycles.

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Insta ILS provides services

High-Tech Life Cycle Services

Obsolescence, life cycle planning, sustainment planning, equipment modifications, and replacement parts


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Component MRO
Maintenance Repair Overhaul service: Electronics, mechanics, avionics equipment, optronics, gyroscopic and inertia devices, oxygen and pilot supplies, measurement equipment calibration, precision mechanics, and aneroid equipment
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Consulting and Expert Services

Expert services for the aviation sector, special expertise in aviation and defense, training services, inspection services, test flight planning, and special accident-related investigations


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Research and Product Development

Specifications, electronics, software, mechanics, testing, prototypes and small series manufacturing, special systems, product research, modification planning/system renewal, life cycle services, and 3D modeling


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Testing services

Comprehensive testing services: vibration, shock, heat, pressure, moisture, acceleration, 3-axis table, balancing, calibration, NVG testing, ESD measurement, special equipment, and particle measurements for industry


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Own products and representation for the world's leading brands


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Solutions are offered for the following customer groups:

  • The Finnish Defense Forces
  • Authorities
  • Civilian authorities
  • Civil aviation
  • High-tech fields
  • Rubber tire traffic
  • Rail traffic
  • Special vehicles
  • Logistics
  • Automation industry
  • Radar and radio equipment and systems

  • Hospital and laboratory instruments and systems