Insta Automation – Electrical Automation Life Cycle Partner

Key factors in our automation, instrumentation, and electrification solutions include operational reliability, efficiency, and productivity – throughout the product life cycle.

Insta Automation Oy serves its customers as a full partner in electrical automation. We operate as a full-service company in electrical automation independent from system and equipment suppliers. Our Life Cycle Partner concept means actual management of the entire life cycle and added value for our customers.

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Insta Automation serves


Engineering, consulting and implementation services for automation, instrumentation, and process electrification

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Cabinet Manufacturing

Automation and logic cabinets, control cabinets and motor control cabinets, control desks and cabinets, pneumatics cabinets and special cabinets tailored to customer requirements

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Electrical, instrumentation, and automation installations; installation supervisions and commissionings

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Maintenance, reporting, and outsourcing services

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Maintenance and Life Cycle Services

Planning and implementation of life cycle services, reporting, optimization, refurbishments, improvements, and outsourcing


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Field Service

Electricity distribution equipment and systems maintenance, measurements, repair, commissioning, and renewal

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Turn-key Deliveries

Engineered, installed and ready-to-use electrical automation solutions as turn-key deliveries

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Solutions are offered for the following client groups:

  • Process and chemical industry
  • Energy industry
  • Nuclear power
  • Oil refineries
  • Food and dairy industry
  • Machine shop industry

  • Paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mining industry
  • Environment and Water Maintenance
  • Theaters
  • Theater technology clients
  • Industrial process equipment providers, system integrators and suppliers
  • Engineering units and project exporters
  • Industrial process equipment suppliers
  • Marine industry
  • Water maintenance and other critical infrastructure
  • Marine and Offshore

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