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    The cornerstones of future national defence: data management and cyber security

    Autonomy, data management, analytics and products related to these concepts play a key role in the solutions of future national defence. The development of the defence sector is also influenced by the need to ensure holistic cyber security. In Finland, one of the areas where the future of military defence is being built is the HX Fighter Program where Insta has a strong presence.

    Technological development and digitalization as well as autonomous devices and machine swarming intelligence are heavily changing the defence sector. More and more data is being collected, adding weight to data management. Thanks to analytics and networked solutions, it is possible to build modern training and operating environments that can help to bring a major boost to operations.

    In network-centric warfare, everyone needs to have a common and up-to-date operational picture. That is why the quick utilization of analytics methods and refined data is invaluable for the operation of both people and systems. Managing masses of data enables quickly determining what the opponent is doing and changing your own operations based on this knowledge.

    Preventing cyber threats is necessary

    One of the important development factors of the defence sector is cyber security. Understanding and preventing cyber threats at large is essential for both the defence forces and the government. Cyber security must be in place at the government level to avoid infrastructure vulnerabilities.

    The development factors of the entire defence sector – especially cyber security – are closely connected to Finland's HX Fighter Program. The new generation fighters collect and generate data, and managing and analyzing it is possible only if network and cyber security have been taken into account.

    Insta is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces. We aim to understand the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces as well as possible to be able to help acquiring and building new capabilities.

    We are an expert of cyber security in terms of both defence solutions and critical infrastructure. Our key solutions deal with network security, safe gateways, and identity management. Our cyber security solutions as well as our command and control systems have demonstrated their capabilities in international exercises.

    Strategic partnership strengthens in the HX program

    Our part in the HX program is to help integrating capabilities to the Finnish defence system. New fighters are a central part of Finland's defence, which is why we are putting a substantial amount of resources and all our expertise to the program. The HX program falls into our highest priority category.

    Maintaining airplanes and related ground systems together with Finnish industries creates military security of supply. We also aim to ensure that the fighters that will be acquired can be used cost-efficiently in the Finnish conditions. Notable cost savings have been achieved with the Hornet fleet by doing the required maintenance and development in Finland, and the same goal has been set for the HX program.

    We aim to create the best possible solution for the Finnish Defense Forces together with all five candidates offering fighters. The essential part in all this is that the understanding and expertise in Finland is at a level that enables making the operating of the fighters as efficient as possible. It is additionally imperative that the system can be developed together with the airplane manufacturer according to the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces.



    Tuure Lehtoranta