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    A safe society is built through collaboration

    One of Insta's focus areas is Safe Society, including how one is built and what factors can influence it. But what is a safe society and what is it like?

    A safe society is also a smooth society. It is an environment where safety and flexibility of operations are in balance. If safety is built disproportionately, it can backfire and cause stiffness of operations and a feeling of insecurity.

    A safe society is intelligent and open. In an intelligent society, services are digitalized, machines are interconnected, and AI helps us anticipate events and detect anomalies. In an open digital society, actors open their data. Intelligence manifests in the development of autonomous distribution solutions and targeted services or in the utilization of intelligent steering. A recent local example is the passenger counting system planned for trams in Tampere (Aamulehti 13.11.2019). The system is based on AI that interprets the image data received from cameras placed in the tram cars. The system sends data to the screens on the tram stops so that when the tram arrives, passengers already know which car has space and which door they should head for.

    There are already many smart cities and related platform and IoT solutions. Even so, it is good to be able to do things a bit different or a bit differently. The Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience Project SURE gains particular value from being based on open, democratic co-creation. The participants of the project's event security ecosystem include authorities, city planning, technology companies, security operators, research institutes as well as citizens. Insta will contribute as a key technology solution partner by providing its situation picture platform and related integrations. Furthermore, we provide video analytics and a digital twin to support simulations, exercise and investments.

    Insta has also participated in the planning of the Digital security 2030 program by the Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency. The need for a national cyber situation picture system was recognized as one of the key priorities – as part of building a safe society.

    Insta's Safe Society focus area has just completed a report of the smart city sector. Digital twin know-how is an advantage also in smart city contexts, where digital twins facilitate decision making and co-operation for authorities. Public sector actors have a central role on the smart city market. That is why it is important to invest in good collaboration skills and functional public sector collaboration relationships.

    On a global level, smart city solutions are related to metropolises. While there are no such big cities in Finland yet, Finland is nevertheless an excellent location for testing and piloting different solutions. Mika Klemettinen from Business Finland reminds us that in Finland, the basic infrastructure is highly functional and the education system is one of the best in the world. Finland also has an impartial, compact and stabile society that allows testing and development platforms, as well as a high number of leading technology experts. In Finland, the co-operation between the public and private sectors is uniquely well-functioning. In the transition of digital economy, co-operation is the very thing for which value is measured in hundreds of billions of euros.

    It is time to master the second wave of digitalization, where the winners will renew the world through AI, data and digital security. Let us put data and digital technology to work towards a safe society.




    Sari Mäenpää