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Insta Whisper – be at home on the stage

Create the most memorable audience experiences effortlessly, precisely and safely. Whisper, the fourth generation of the stage machinery control system, is based on a smart user interface and safety automation. It will keep up with even your most demanding visions.

Your reliable partner for stage machinery projects

Every stage is unique, and stage operation must be reliable and safe. With over 20 years of experience and our confidence as the Finnish market leader, we carry out the most demanding stage machinery projects in accordance with international standards. Modifications can even be carried out without closing the theater, moving it to temporary facilities or interrupting cash flow.

Our Insta Whisper control system has been developed to suit the changing operating environments of stage productions, so it will always suit them perfectly. The customizable user interface, which is based on the newest web technologies, is not only seamless to use, but also pleasing to the eye. The timeline-based tools make it effortless to create productions.

Safety without compromises

You do not need to compromise on safety issues to create spectacular performances. Insta Whisper’s development has complied with industrial automation standards for the safety of machinery to meet a high level of safety requirements.

The control system’s safety features include emergency stop switches; security door and gate control; and monitoring of cutting and shear point hazards, load and excessive speed. The system’s two-fold brakes are enough to support an overload of 125%, and mechanical safety limits prevent the machinery from being driven into an area where it may break.

Effortless creation of productions

The user experience of the visual software is based on an intuitive, touch-based interface. Every function has a consistent color code that is used across all of the software’s elements.

With Whisper, you can create productions by programming a number of sequences that control elements during the performance. The software’s features include synchronized sequence groups and the programming and triggering of various dynamic controls.

Creating control sequences is effortless with the touch screen-based drag & drop function. The digital twin feature allows you to simulate controls across the board, which enables comprehensive design and testing of performances before the big day. Free control allows you to quickly react to changing circumstances – even if they were not considered for the pre-programmed control sequences of the performance.

First-class design

The finishing touches for the Insta Whisper user experience come from the first-class design of the high-quality operating panels.

The material of the panels is a robust and durable plastic, certified for prostheses and food contact use, among other demanding use cases.

The system’s Master Operating Panel is a modern operating panel for creating performances and their primary control. The device can be placed on any surface, and a single cable is used for all its necessary signals. The panel’s 21” touch screen features multi-touch support and brightness control. Two ultra-precise joysticks allow you to change cues and control machinery manually.

The Wireless Operating Panel is suited for situations that require quick and wireless control from challenging places. The wireless controller allows you to control machinery from nearly anywhere in the stage area. The removable battery has an operating life of over four hours.

The Side Operating Panel allows you to control stage machinery during setup and control cues from places where it may be difficult to place the master panel. The Side Operating Panel is connected to the system by a cable, and it is suited for situations where the panel must not lose connection under any circumstances. The precise control wheel allows you to intuitively control direction and speed.

Predictable lifecycle management

Even the best stage needs regular maintenance. However, the lifecycle expenses of stage machinery can be predicted for years at a time. Whisper monitors lifecycles under the control system, logging information such as operating hours and cycles. Insta’s holistic maintenance and lifecycle service ensures the functionality of your stage machinery by offering around-the-clock service, backups, and the iA-Support cloud service, which allows you to review your system’s lifecycle management.

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