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The future calls for sustainable and intelligent energy systems

The significance of sustainable energy production and renewable energy sources keeps growing globally. This change is supported by the further development of energy recycling and storage. Reliability is also important in energy production and distribution.

Trusted Partner in Energy

We support sustainable development and strengthen the competitive advantage of our customers in the energy industry by offering automation and digitalization solutions that make energy production processes more efficient and reduce their environmental impact. We deliver maintenance and life cycle services to our customers in the energy industry, and we are one of the leading suppliers of boiler instrumentation in the Nordic countries. We have strong expertise in both the modernization of energy production and distribution facilities and new construction projects.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the IoT and modern equipment and systems, more data can be collected about processes than before. Risk management becomes more effective when interruptions can be predicted. Data also brings cost savings, as it allows maintenance needs to be optimized, for example.

Large companies in the energy sector also trust our cyber security solutions, which enable secure digitalization for our customers.