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Our approximately 800 personnel work daily to build a more secure and competitive society. We have a positive attitude towards work that arises from interesting projects, our extensive and demanding customer base, and the fantastic Insta community itself.

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Culture of a family-owned business
We are a Finnish family-owned business. Insta has a flat organization, and both our team members and line managers are easy to approach. Our work is based on good communal spirit and collaboration. We are also reciprocally flexible where needed.  

We develop expertise and success together
We are top professionals in our field. We develop our expertise and are willing to share it with our colleagues. We succeed through collaboration and never leave a colleague without assistance.

We provide great results from the outset
We complete our work to a high standard, so that we can be proud of everything we do.

We keep our promises
Reliability is a matter of honor to us.
We don't mind rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty until we have delivered on our promises.

What can we offer you?

Diverse career opportunities
At Insta, you can influence your job description and develop your expertise. The diverse business areas covered by our corporation provide a wide variety of tasks and, through the development of new business, we also generate entirely new career opportunities. You will be able to witness the development of your field from a great vantage point.
Great internship opportunities for students
Every year, we provide dozens of students with interesting internship opportunities and thesis project positions. Our interns are primarily students from technical colleges and universities of applied sciences, with fields including electrical work, automation, and software. After completing their internships, the majority of our students stay with us for employment alongside their studies. We can provide flexible work that is compatible with studying. Many of our top experts began as interns and have progressed, with increasing job experience, towards increasingly demanding tasks.
Unique projects
Insta works on many projects that you would not find in any other company in Finland. The work we do also plays an important role in society. Our diverse projects also offer an excellent opportunity to develop and maintain your own expertise.


Functional working spaces
We invest in functional and comfortable working spaces. Most of our working facilities are either brand new or have been renovated during the past few years.
Reliable employer
Just as we are a reliable partner to our customers, we have the same attitude towards our employees. We provide you with stability and great colleagues, all working as part of our family-owned business. We genuinely care for our employees and strive to enable an appropriate balance between work and leisure time.
Competitive benefits
We encourage our personnel to be physically active and to take care of their own health. We have an extensive occupational healthcare system and various projects aimed at maintaining working capacity and occupational well-being. We arrange various events, both at group level and at company and team levels. Our entire personnel is included in a bonus incentive system, and we operate our own personnel fund. We have free coffee at work and, to make it easy to get to work, we have plenty of parking space for both cars and bicycles.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for a position at Insta?

You can apply for a specific position advertised on our website or submit an open application to our database, which we browse whenever there is a need for particular kinds of expertise or skills. Recruitment information for advertised vacancies and an open application form can be found here.

What do we expect from our employees?

In addition to the expertise listed in a job description, we appreciate enthusiasm, a positive attitude, a desire to learn something new, and a genuine "Insta spirit" that is consistent with our values. Commitment to producing the best possible level of quality for our customers is important.

What is the Insta working atmosphere like?

At Insta, we develop our expertise and succeed together. We are friendly and respectful towards our colleagues, and we always offer them a helping hand if needed. Line managers support Insta employees in their work and are easy to approach. We trust each other and our employer.

Our main office at Sarankulma is a modern campus area that is comfortable and safe and provides good social facilities and a high-quality staff restaurant.

What opportunities does Insta offer to its personnel in terms of career development?

Insta supports the career development of its personnel: depending on your abilities and aspirations, even quick advancement to more demanding duties is possible. You can proceed to expert assignments, a supervisory role or as a project leader, or focus on sales, marketing or training. It is possible to study alongside work to complete a degree or thesis. These routes often open up many new possibilities.

Additionally, Insta provides training to the personnel and continually maintains personnel expertise: Owing to new systems, tasks, and legislative changes, we offer continuous systems, software, and professional training.




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