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Juha, Automation Installer, 4 years at Insta

I work as an Automation Installer at Insta Automation Oy. My work involves building automation cabinets from the very beginning to completion. Depending on the cabinet, building one unit may take from a single day up to several weeks. The best part of my work is that it's diverse. At Insta, I appreciate the flexibility in working times as well as the flexibility regarding vacations: for example, it has been possible for me to arrange longer vacations at times I preferred.

Heikki, Automation Installer, 25 years at Insta

At Insta, I work as an Automation Installer at various project sites. My normal working day can involve cable feeding and coupling tasks, and various equipment installations (transformers, cabinets, measuring devices, etc.). Testing and commissioning tasks are also included in my job description. I also serve as the occupational safety representative for my workplace.

The best aspects of my work include an incredibly broad job description, diverse work tasks, and varying projects. I also really appreciate good colleagues and team spirit. At Insta, I think the best thing is the collaborative spirit. I enjoy the open communication where you can talk about things as they are. The occupational healthcare system has been organized well, even though the large and widely dispersed installation workforce is a challenge. The sports benefit is well arranged and easily accessible.

Rami, Team Leader, 13 years at Insta

I currently serve as the Team Leader of the energy and process industry segment, and my daily tasks primarily consist of the management of current project matters, resourcing, and all types of tasks related to technical sales. At Insta, I have previously built electricity cabinets, contributed to HW and SW design as well as done installation, commissioning, and work site supervision. My technical expertise is maintained through solving project challenges and applying new technologies in my daily work.

The best parts of my work include a diverse customer base and the opportunity to participate in solving customers' production and process technology challenges, as well as the opportunity to join customers and skilled colleagues in projects that are unique in Finland. Various project sizes also bring diversity to the work: one day, we may deliver one small junction box and the next project is the automation and electrification for an entire facility along with the equipment required.

The best aspect to employment at Insta, by far, is the down-to-earth approach of a family-owned business. For example, the different life situations of employees are taken well into account, which I can vouch for by being a part-time parent of two children and also having built a house during my 13-year career. Similarly, many of my colleagues have been able to pursue further education alongside their jobs. Insta also offers good sport-related benefits, which I also use myself.

Ville, Chief Business Officer, eight years at Insta

I work as the operational manager in Insta's aviation business division, so my days are spent with fast-paced tasks involving customer relations and business development, without forgetting the occasional dive into working with technology directly.

The best parts of my job by far involve diverse work tasks and having a relatively high degree of freedom to accomplish different things. Aviation and defense technology are, of course, challenges to any motivated expert. The atmosphere at Insta is sufficiently in tune with reality and we have a realistic image of the future. People with expertise are appreciated, and there has been a sufficient amount of flexibility where needed. I also appreciate Insta's role as a national company and the encouragement given to staff participation in sport and exercise. #reallygreatworkplace

Kaisu, Maintenance Technician, 10 months at Insta

I am a Maintenance Technician by designation. My job description mainly consists of instrument testing, troubleshooting, instrument repairs, and assembly. The best part of my job is its versatility. By training, I'm an avionics technician.

The opportunity to familiarize myself with various instruments – with a colleague present to assist me in the beginning – is worth its weight in gold, and makes it easier to learn new things. In my opinion, the best side to working at Insta is the people. I feel that I've been well received as a new employee and enjoy the company of my colleagues. The flexible working times are also a benefit, as they make it possible to more flexibly plan my own time.

Markku, ICT Service Manager, 19 years at Insta

I work as an ICT Service Manager as part of Insta's corporate management. I've developed a long-term career at Insta as an ICT expert, and transferred to my current role when Insta outsourced part of its ICT services. In my current position, I ensure that the services provided by our partners correspond to Insta's requirements, that the services are of high quality, and that they have been provided cost-efficiently. The ICT environment is a constantly changing service field. One of my important tasks is to participate in and plan development projects, investigate alternatives for solutions, tender out suppliers, and finally serve as a project leader in various development projects. You could say that my position is between Insta and our service providers. I represent Insta in order to guarantee that our company's interests and requirements are taken into account, while assisting the service provider in producing their services efficiently and to a high standard.

The best part of my work is that each day is different and I can directly affect my tasks. I have the freedom to work with topics that interest me personally and see the fruits of my own labor. I feel that I can assist the business operations in doing their work and providing Insta with a competitive advantage.

During all these years, Insta has been a safe and stable employer that has not been significantly affected by economic fluctuations. Insta has provided me with opportunities for career development and several highly challenging and interesting tasks. I could handle a large proportion of my work tasks remotely from a home office or even from a summer cottage. However, my work would not be nearly as enjoyable without my good colleagues and a well-functioning working community, let alone the lunches at our staff restaurant.

Tuomo, Software Engineer, three years at Insta

I work as a Software Developer on the Insta Response product. My days are mostly spent coding and working with specifications. The best sides to my work are its diversity and the various challenges faced in the development of critical systems. It has also been interesting to occasionally have the opportunity to work at the customer interface. The best aspects of Insta are definitely the positive attitude towards work and the good colleagues. In addition, Insta is able to provide flexibility where needed, and personnel are encouraged to keep up a physically active lifestyle.


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