Insta Group Oy

Sarankulmankatu 20 (P.O. Box 80)
FI-33901 Tampere FINLAND
Tel. +358 20 7717111

Email: info(at)
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Invoicing details
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Insta Companies

Insta Automation Oy

Insta Automation Oy

Sarankulmankatu 20 (P.O. Box 80)
FI-33901 Tampere FINLAND
Tel. +358 20 771 7111
Fax +358 20 771 7333

Access the Insta Automation website here. 

Insta DefSec Oy

Insta DefSec Oy

Sarankulmankatu 20 (P.O. Box 80)
FI-33901 Tampere FINLAND
Tel. +358 20 771 7111
Fax +358 20 7717333


Access the Insta DefSec website here.

Insta ILS Oy

Insta ILS Oy

Sarankulmankatu 20 (P.O. Box 80)
FI-33901 Tampere FINLAND
Tel. +358 20 771 7111
Fax +358 20 7717333


Access the Insta ILS website here.

Intopalo Digital Oy

Intopalo Digital Oy

Finlaysoninkuja 21
FI-33210 Tampere FINLAND
Tel. +358 10 346 6366


Access the Intopalo Digital website here.


Arrival directions

Welcome to Insta

Insta Group is located in the southern part of Tampere near the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC), at the following address: Sarankulmankatu 20, FI-33900 Tampere, FINLAND. Please be aware that certain navigators will erroneously show the location of Insta as a few hundred meters to the north.

The entrance to Insta can be found via the pedestrian gate at the guest parking area. The pedestrian gate is equipped with a phone that can be used to call the reception service personnel, who will open the gate.

Important to note

All Insta guests are asked to verify their identity (passport or Finnish driver's license) at the reception upon registering as a visitor.

Arriving by car
Arriving by car

When you arrive from the south (from Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, or Turku; roads 3, E12 and 9):

  • Leave the highway at exits 39 and 40 (sign reading "LAHDESJÄRVI, LAKALAIVA") and follow the white signs reading "Messu- ja urheilukeskus".
  • Drive along the highway (left lane) towards exit 40 (VAASA, PORI, RAUMA, NOKIA, JYVÄSKYLÄ, LAHTI). You will cross over the Härmälä overpass and the Helsinki-Tampere railroad.
  • Follow the sign "PIRKKALA, SARANKULMA, PARTOLA (exit 42)".
  • At the intersection at the end of the ramp, turn right, and follow the sign reading: "3022, PIRKKALA, MESSU- JA URHEILUKESKUS".
  • Follow the signs reading "MESSU- JA URHEILUKESKUS".
  • Drive along Ilmailunkatu street past the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre (TESC, formerly Pirkkahalli).
  • At the T junction at the end of Ilmailunkatu, turn right to Sarankulmankatu street.
  • Drive for 150 meters and, before the bridge, turn to Insta's visitor parking space (Sarankulmankatu 20). The beam will rise upon approach. Park your vehicle and walk to the pedestrian gate in the middle of the parking area, where you can reach the reception service staff at the press of a button. The gate will be opened for you.
By train
By train
  • Tampere railroad station is 4.8 km from Insta. You will find a taxi stand outside the railroad station (Rautatienkatu street side).
  • Proceeding from the railroad station, there is a 400 m walk to Koskipuisto park (at the intersection of Hämeenkatu street and Hatanpään valtatie road), from where it is also possible to reach Insta by bus (no. 26, destination Höytämö).
By bus
By bus
  • It is possible to travel from the city center to Insta by bus no. 26 ("26 Höytämö"). The bus departs from Kaarila and travels via Keskustori and Koskipuisto park south along the Hatanpää valtatie road until it passes the bus station and a few car retailers, after which it travels along Sarankulmankatu street next to the railroad. When the vehicle turns left, you have reached Insta (bus stop "Sarankulmankatu 20", number 2540). The trip takes 10–14 minutes and the bus goes twice an hour.
  • Another bus route that travels near Insta is number 14 (destination "Pere/Nokia"), which arrives at Ilmailunkatu from Sarankulmankatu street, approximately 150 meters from Insta. Jää If you are using this route, alight at the Metsolankatu street stop. Cross Ilmailunkatu street on the crosswalk and go down Sarankulmankatu street for 150 meters.
From Tampere-Pirkkala Airport
From Tampere-Pirkkala Airport
  • The airport is 11.5 km from Insta.
  • There is a taxi stand in front of Terminal 1 and several car rental services can also be found inside Terminal 1. Bus number 1L operates a route from the airport to Tampere city center (17 km). Along this route, the closest stop to Insta (Talvitie, stop no. 2517) is at a distance of 1.1 km from Insta.
Nearby accommodation
Nearby accommodation

Hotels within Tampere city center include:

  • Sokos Hotel Ilves
  • Sokos Hotel Torni
  • Scandic Tampere Station
  • Cumulus Koskikatu
  • Sokos Hotel Tammer
  • Holiday Inn Tampere
  • Cumulus Pinja
  • Omenahotelli Tampere II

The hotels closest to Insta are the small hotels Mango Hotel and Hotelli Ville (approx. 2.5 km from Insta), located within the Hatanpää industrial district.


Group Management team

Markus Mattsson Chairman of the Board
Niklas Mattsson Vice Chairman of the Board
Henry Nieminen President & CEO
Timo Lehtinen Managing Director Insta Automation +358 20 771 7118
Jari Mielonen Vice President Insta DefSec +358 20 771 7420
Ville Soininen Executive Vice President Insta ILS +358 20 771 7576
Asko Järvenpää Senior Vice President, Strategy and Treasure
Marja-Leena Koskinen Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) +358 20 771 7136
Johanna Mäki Chief Financial Officer +358 20 771 7151
Marita Jokinen Executive Assistant, Communications +358 20 771 7141

Extensive Management Team also includes

Lars Holmroos Chief Informaton Officer +358 20 771 7006
Tero Leppänen Chief Security and Safety Officer +358 20 771 7846
Juhani Paalanen Chief Readiness Officer +358 20 771 7247
Jouko Saikkonen Chief Quality Officer +358 20 771 7137

Sales Management Team also includes

Esa Einola Vice President, Marketing and Innovations +358 20 771 7135
Juha Latvala Vice President, Chief Digital Officer
Tuure Lehtoranta Strategic Account Executive, Finnish Defence Forces +358 20 771 7514
Jyri Stenberg Engineering and Turn-key Deliveries, Business Area Unit Director +358 20 771 7315