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    You can find the best version of yourself by trying and doing

    Software developer Valtteri Luoma appreciates the fact that Insta offers opportunities to fulfill your potential in various tasks. For Valtteri, the rewarding career path is like an agile software project where discovering and developing something new is continuous.

    I started at Insta as a summer trainee in May 2016. Then I wrote my dissertation, graduated from TUT, and got a permanent job as a software developer. Combining work and school was flexible, and more experienced co-workers helped me get off to a good start.

    At Insta, I have been able to fulfill myself, and our culture is both open and self-managing. Your title does not guide your work; it's more about what you want to focus on at the time and what you want from your work. I have had opportunities to lead projects and teams, do managerial tasks, and contribute to the development of various technology areas. Projects that have a social impact have felt particularly rewarding. In my work, these have included the development of health technology, emergency center systems, and maritime transport. In addition, I have got to help our industrial customers operate more safely and increase their competitiveness. The development of futuristic prototypes gives extra flavor to work.

    Built on strengths, driven by values

    I would like to change the notion that software development is solitary and arduous work. Agile software development is social because it is based on constant interaction, iteration, and realization together, rather than offering pre-chewed solutions. I like to be in direct contact with the customers, learn to understand their challenges, and help them find the best ways to solve them. This also supports my tested natural tendencies as a problem solver. Most importantly, working together with the customer will help build trust, which is Insta's core value.

    My diverse job tasks challenge and teach me to get along with different people in various operating environments, which isn't always easy but gives a lot back. Through my experience, I have also realized what types of projects and ways of working I like the most.

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    A world of opportunities

    Insta is an attractive employer, especially because there are so many different projects and orientation opportunities under the same roof. There are enough alternatives from short assignments to projects lasting for years, from one industry and role to another. When you need variety or want to challenge yourself, you get a personal career coach with whom it is good to take steps forward. It is excellent that coaching discussions are held several times a year.

    Insta takes good care of its employees, and while remote working has always been possible for us, caring has been emphasized in exceptional circumstances - we have got ergonomic workstations for home offices, and many things have been done to maintain the team spirit, such as remote gatherings and lunches. In addition, our needs and ideas get actively listened to, and we are invited to get involved. For example, when our office moved from Hervanta to Finlayson, I was able to participate in designing facilities and help with practical arrangements. Trust and flexibility are crucial to the smooth running of my daily life, as my spouse works in three shifts. The work-life balance of the employees is also well taken care of. My hobbies, biking, orienteering, and playing console games, help me cope better at work.

    I want to encourage junior software developers to focus on things that interest them but at the same time be open to new things. Even if you think you don't like something in advance, you may be positively surprised when you take the plunge. To find the best version of yourself, keep trying and doing different things.


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