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    Self-leadership and inspiring challenges make up a salesperson's week

    Versatile sales work in a flexible work culture fits Lauri's entrepreneurial mindset. Not only does he explore the vast offering of the consulting house with the client, but he also gets to develop it. He can also combine work and leisure to his liking.

    I have been working at Insta now for over a year doing diverse sales activities. Under my official title, Business Development Director, I have done everything from new customer acquisition and KAM tasks to business development. I'm a farmhouse boy from Keuruu with an entrepreneurial mindset. At Insta Digital, I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of IT business matters and be involved in all kinds of activities and truly make a difference.

    From mechanical engineering to software sales

    My career started at the Tampere University of Technology, where I enrolled in 2004 to study machine technology. My path led me to become the chairman of the Guild of Mechanical Engineering, and from that bird tower, I was able to look at the markets and discover that this was not the right one for me.

    The new direction I took was the software industry, and with my entrepreneurial spirit, I quickly found myself in startups. However, it's a hard fact that startups are exposed to the winds of change, and the team of the company I had founded after a couple of adventures began working for another company. There, my work clearly focused on sales and managing large accounts.

    Versatile and challenging sales work

    At Insta Digital, by far, the best and most challenging thing has been that our offering to our clients as a consulting house is exceptionally vast. You may sell one product in a product house, whereas in the consulting industry (almost) anything can be built. However, any selling is about creating images and appropriately simplifying and emphasizing things no matter what is being traded.

    At Digital, I don't need to just wrestle with this challenge, but I've also been able to participate in the development of our offering. I've also done some budgeting and pondered finances. However, most of my work week goes to pure sales work. Occasionally, in my evening run, I let my brain breathe and think about sales strategies.

    Your kind of week with self-management

    I didn't know much about the culture at Insta Digital until I started here. Maybe it's a little hard to even describe in writing. However, while here, I've begun to value it more and more. It provides an exceptionally good foundation for working and making use of a variety of opportunities. Since no one is standing behind your back, giving orders and work can be scheduled smoothly with the rest of life, you also need to be able to lead yourself smartly.

    This flexible culture has made it very possible for family life, hobbies, and a good night's sleep to interlace with work. It is natural for me to go from work for a run, pick up my child from daycare, and then continue working in the evening shift when my spouse has returned home from work. In our workplace, it has been a matter of just informing others because everyone organizes their work independently.

    Team spirit can also be maintained flexibly. In the spring, for example, with the coronavirus affecting many things, we held remote afterwork events, which I attended cleverly on our way to our cottage ─ my wife drove the car, our child sat in the back seat, and I helped myself to a beverage in the Teams meeting on the passenger seat.

    I mostly spend my free time as far as possible from the city, at the cottage fishing, trail running, and hanging around with my family. One could also say that food is both an object of passion and a hobby for me. My expertise is sourdough rye bread, and there has been enough of it for my co-workers to taste. I have always followed the seafood diet. "When I see food, I eat it." It keeps a two meters tall salesperson in an energetic mood all day long!


    Is flexible and versatile work your thing, too?

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