Trolls Beware! AI is on your heels!

Trolling (individuals, groups, or robots using social media with the intent of provoking individuals, businesses, and organizations) has become more common. In social media channels, news and especially fake news and trolls spread easily and quickly. Many people fail to look facts but share the message without thinking about its truthfulness. It is not always easy to identify contribution or react to it in time. Recently many companies and organizations have started to pay attention to how canards could be identified and what information to trust.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), incidents and vulnerabilities can be analyzed faster and more efficiently. Artificial intelligence greatly simplifies the work of analysts as it helps to identify, process, and deduce information, providing a better overall picture. When an operational picture can be formed quickly, decisions can be made based on actual and up-to-date information.

With artificial intelligence and the right tools, disinformation and trolling can be identified. With the help of our analysis tools based on artificial intelligence it is possible to be prepared for fake news and even propaganda in good time. Companies can also improve cyber security management through our training and simulation solutions.  So don’t wave the white flag yet!